At Highway we relish our role as hosts. Hosts to actors and to our clients alike. In order to elicit magical performances or moments we work hard to create a comfortable and nurturing environment.

Our focus is to compliment the creativity of our many and varied guests. Ultimately we want you to feel at home and hopefully fuse a little business with pleasure.

Our work by its very nature has to be collaborative and we inhabit our respective roles without any sense of hierarchy. We hope our individual talents and experience will compliment yours and we can do our bit in producing great work – together!

Our experience in the casting room is uniquely ours, the performances we are afforded, the conversations we are privy to and the amazing talented people we meet each day truly inspire us. We are surrounded by passionate, focused, resilient people – actors, actors agents, directors and producers, empathy is our greatest attribute and our admiration is evoked everyday.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we laugh way more than we cry and there is no kudos in our casting approach; we are hard workers, we love what we do and feel incredibly fortunate to be doing it. 

Highway Casting about us

Life is like a drive on a highway. There will always be someone behind, along and ahead of you. No matter how many people you overtake, life will always serve you with a new challenge, a new commuter driving ahead of you. Destination is the same for everyone, but what matters at the end is - how much you enjoy the drive!
— Mehek Bassi