Thank you for your interest in this fun & paid opportunity!

To be eligible you must have a Melbourne based family of 6-8 members (extended family is fine).

All applicants must be aged between 8 and 90.

*Particularly interested to hear from families who have a family member interstate or overseas this Christmas*

You will need to complete the form below + send us a quick video.

VIDEO SHOULD INCLUDE: (can be done on your phone) 

An introduction of each family member (name and age)


Tell us about what your family Christmas day involves!

Your video should be 1-2 minutes long.

If you’d like your home to be considered as a shoot location (extra $$) please send through a photo of your dining area with your application.


SEND video and photo TO (with contact name): 

annabel@castinghq.com.au or tom@castinghq.com.au

You can also send it through on Facebook messenger to www.facebook.com/CastingHQsocial



Please provide details
If so, where are they/will they be?
(if applicable)
Please list any restrictions
PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING: All facets of this Production are Confidential. *
By submitting this form you acknowledge you have read and understand the confidentiality note, and agree to not circulating any information. **We will not disclose your personal information to any other persons not related to this project