Sarah's longstanding involvement in the casting game has less to do with endurance and more to do with her continued passion for what she does. While the benefit of experience and longevity have often illuminated the swings and round-a-bout nature of the industry, Sarah wouldn't cast herself in any other role. 

“To be constantly interacting with invested, passionate people who genuinely love what they do, whether actors or creatives may not be a youth elixir but it certainly serves to keep me inspired everyday. I’m extremely lucky and for the record not actually bad at endurance either!”

#FUNFACT: Sarah loves all words that end in “ous” - supercalifragilistic-expialidocious, dangerous, outrageous, tumultuous, loquacious, lascivious, cous cous etc etc 👓

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Annabel Clayton


Annabel’s background in film and tv production has seen her produce, direct and write her own content alongside working within production companies for the last 5 years. Her bubbly go-getter attitude inevitably opened the door to the casting world and she absolutely loves it. Getting to interact and laugh with new people weekly is the charm that never fades!  

“For me - getting to work within this creative world, and meeting all these creative people, is the backbone to living. I’m in awe with all the passionate, genuine and hard working people that make up this industry - which serves as a constant stream of inspiration.”   


Has a fear of belly buttons (Omphalophobia)