Once we are awarded a job we are 100% dedicated to bringing your project to life.

Here is a taste of what we can do for you:

  • Cast Actors
  • Recall Sessions
  • Confirm Talent & Issue Deal memos
  • Wardrobe fittings
  • Actors Stills
  • Schedules
  • Call Sheets
  • Selects documents / PDFs
  • Extras casting



We consider fast, efficient technology to be absolutely paramount. We are used to ridiculously fast and furious turnovers and if there is a better approach to facilitating what you need we’re on it.

We are constantly upgrading our processes and equipment to ensure that we are up to speed with the most effective and productive way of casting your projects.



At Highway we want our guests to feel completely unintimidated. We are known for our scented candles and mood lighting and are proud of the space we have created. We are surrounded by bustling activity and personalities and an impressive floor to ceiling window allows for plenty of people watching and natural light. 

  • 100sqm Studio
  • Ample meeting spaces/waiting areas
  • Comfy Couches
  • Sony HD camera
  • Rode Microphone
  • Professional LED lighting
  • Large monitors for playback

To see our studio click here.